by LadyShibari77
  1. If you want to book a session in advance, pay the advance. No buts. No exceptions. You can postpone the session if something comes up, just inform me beforehand.
  2. DO NOT ASK ABOUT PRACTICES THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN MY OFFER. If it’s not there, that means I don’t do it.
  3. Do not talk to me as if I was your colleague, you will regret it. Address me as Mistress or Lady.
  4. Do not write to me with a page-full of your fantasies without being asked to. It’s annoying and difficult to turn into a proper session scenario. Instead, just say what practices you are interested in. That’s absolutely enough for you to get the session you desire.
  5. NO DICK PICS unless I ask.
  6. If you come under influence I will throw you out, but only after I collected my payment. Don’t test me, it has happened before.
  7. If you say bad stuff about me behind my back, I WILL find out.
  8. Don’t be late, but if something comes up (traffic jams, getting lost on the way) inform me, so I can plan accordingly. People who come late or don’t show up at all without informing me don’t get second chances.
  9. Don’t be too early, either, it’s not better.
  10. During a session you don’t touch me without my express permission.
  11. If you read this and agree to obey all points, use code “the cat is in the box” when contacting me.
  12. Don’t try to contact me about booking if you don’t know when you’ll be able to come. No date = no booking.